Try our new session ipa and help support breast cancer research

Our new session IPA is brewed with two row barley and oats, and bittered and dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops. Great citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavor. One dollar of every pint sold will go towards breast cancer research to the American Cancer Society.

Beers on draft

Wedding Beer – Wheat Rye Blonde Ale – Light , refreshing lawn mower beer. 4.9% ABV 18 IBU Gluten Reduced

Belles Amber Ale –  Light, dry, malty amber beer. Great any time of year. 5.6 ABV 22 IBU Gluten Reduced

Summer Sour – Slightly sour, very refreshing summer beer. Try with any of the Hard Seltzer flavors to change it up. 3.8% ABV 2 IBU

Soleil Saison – Light, slightly funky farmhouse ale. 5.25% ABV 17 IBU

Cherokee Smoke – Imagine sitting next to a campfire on a cool evening. great with  smoked BBQ.  6.7% ABV 30 IBU.

Oktoberfest – Marzen style german lager. 6.4% ABV 20 IBU

Pete’s Pale Ale – Classic American Pale Ale made with 2 Row, caramel malt and Chinook Hops. 5.25% ABV 39 IBU Gluten Reduced

Fighter Fluid – Session IPA brewed in collaberation with Drowned Valley and others to help support breast cancer. Two row, oats, Citra and Amarillo hops. 5% ABV 40 IBU.

High Point Hazy IPA – Soft, hazy IPA made with oats and Zamba hops. 7.2% ABV 30 IBU.

Lake Arrowhead DIPA – West Coast Style Double IPA made with Chinook hops for bittering and dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic. 9% ABV 95 IBU

Harry’s Nitro Porter – Rich, Chocolate Vanilla Porter served on Nitro. 6.8% ABV 24 IBU

Bourbon Barrel Harry’s Porter – 6.8% ABV 24 IBU

Hard Seltzer – Blackberry, Cherry, Apricot, Tart Apple, Pumpkin Pie. 6.4% ABV

Root Beer – Non alcoholic homemade root beer.

Coming Soon – Imperial Denim Stout – Roasty Imperial American Stout. 

11%, 80 IBU. Will be ready shortly before Christmas. Please be patient, these big beers take a little more time.

Updated 11/06/2023

Most of our relatives are Miller Lite and Bud Light drinkers. When our daughters were getting married, I needed to make a beer that they would enjoy.  I came up with this recipe that they would not complain about, but added some wheat and rye to give it a little body and spiciness to make it a little different. Everybody enjoyed it. When we were getting ready to open the brewery, my wife thought we needed to change the name because nobody would understand what a wedding beer was. I said that is what it has always been called, and with the story behind it, why change it.

Wedding beer is made with 50% two row barley, 33% white wheat and 17% rye. El Dorado hops are used for bittering and flavor, with US-05 yeast for a clean finish.

5.4% ABV 18 IBU 7 SRM

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